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When I started the blog I had a request to post my Costco grocery list so I will do that today and then my next post will be tips on healthy grocery shopping overall.

Pre-kids I did almost all of my shopping at our local market store. It is called Remark and has wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, wonderful salads, local meats, fresh fish, etc. There came a point though where I decided I needed to shop more in bulk for certain things because of the volume of food our kids were eating. So it came time to prioritize what I would continue to buy from the market and what I would but from Costco.

When making this decision about fruits and vegetables, I consider the season. For example, when there is a local option in season at the market, such as strawberries in June, then I will purchase that but if there are strawberries from California at both stores then I choose Costco since this is a cost savings for the same product.

I tend to choose the market for all meats and fish and most vegetables. I have had luck with a few veggies from Costco though and will list them below. For meats and poultry I prefer to buy ones that are organic or have at least been raised with no antibiotics or hormones. These are currently not available at Costco in Canada. I have see them in US Costco though. And for fish I prefer to buy it in quantities that we will eat that day. Fish comes in on Tuesdays and Fridays there so we usually have fish on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The other days we have organic chicken or pork or a bean based meal.

Okay now for the Costco list. I make my list based on the layout of the store so I am efficient in my shopping.

Here is our grocery list from last week…

Dempsters 100% whole wheat bread…Rhett has an allergy to oats so we need this bread instead of whole grain ones. Prior to his allergy I always bought the Dempsters Quinoa super grain bread and would recommend that as nutritionally superior to the plain whole wheat.

photo 1 (10)

For those who need gluten free there are wonderful gluten free breads at Costco too!
photo 2 (9)

Omega 3 eggs
Organic 2% milk
Sweet potatoes (if they look good)
Small watermelon
Bananas (3)
Avocados (2)
Royal gala apples
Red grapes
Cherries (when available)
Organic blueberries (2 large packs)
Organic strawberries (2)
Raspberries (2)
Blackberries (1)
Cut up baby portobello mushrooms
Bag of baby green beans
Bag of snap peas
Lactose free Swiss cheese slices
9% fat Liberte Greek yogurt multipack
0% fat Liberte Greek yogurt multipack
Iogo yogurt drinks These are strictly for “on-the-go” snacks and not allowed for in the house.
Old cheddar cheese
All bran buds
Vector cereal
Multigrain Cheerios
Dried chickpeas
Salad topper seed and cranberry mix
Unsalted almonds
Kashi Quinoa granola bars

I also sometimes will buy the following as needed…
Dried beans
Organic brown rice
Organic white sugar
Blue Diamond Nut Thin crackers
Cartoned egg whites

Coming soon….more generalized grocery shopping tips. Until then…happy shopping!!!

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