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Here we go 2016!!!!

Okay ladies, so after 17 months of full time mommy duties I headed back to work last fall. It was such a crazy schedule but the balance of work/home life is really a beautiful thing…most of the time. Sometimes I just long to hold my babies and not think of anything in the outside world. And other days I am so thankful that I can be out of the house speaking with adults and educating others about the amazing world of nutrition!

Having said that, mid fall I was so crazy busy with everything that I was not able to get very much sleep. Something had to give…and it was this blog. I have so many ideas and things I want to share, but I had to put my family, my work, and my health/sleep as priorities before blogging.

Over the Christmas break I took time to work ahead on some ideas and now I hope to be able to balance everything better moving forward. I will do my best!

There are so many food fads and health fads that come and go but one constant that remains: making “lifestyle changes” rather than “quick fixes” will always serve you better both physically and psychologically. It is so important to choose guidelines over rules and use your resources of time, energy, and money to the best of your ability.

Starting tomorrow (January 11th) I am going to post tips on instagram every few days that you can practice and layer on each other for optimal health. I have 30 tips to share with you over the course of 90 days and at the end of that time period , we will see how things are going. They will be realistic and attainable tips, meant for busy moms. I hope that you find some useful and I will pop on here to blog as well as time permits.

Until next time…stay healthy!

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