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A New Relationship with Food

Do you have a list of “bad foods” and “good foods”? Do you feel like you have “bad days” and “good days” based on the foods you eat? I have met with many clients that felt this way. They experienced guilt on a regular basis because they ate a tray of cookies or 1/2 of a tub of ice cream. You see, the issue with thinking of food as good or bad causes us to feel like we have blown it when we have one cookie and that we might as well have 5 more. Sounds familiar? If this applies to you I have exciting news…you don’t have to feel this way! I have a new perspective that I would love for you to try out and see how freeing it can be.

There are are two steps.

The first is to take on the perspective that all foods fit….it’s about how much and how often. If you choose a food that is less healthy, then you have smaller amounts, and have it less often. It’s not a bad food, but it doesn’t fuel your body as nicely as healthier foods, so we limit it (not eliminate it). For example, I love ice cream and would love to have it every night, but I know that berries and Greek yogurt or a smoothie bowl services my body with more nutrients and better energy. Because of this I choose the healthier snack most nights, but allow myself to have a small bowl of ice cream every once in a while.

The second step is to incorporate mindful eating. When you do eat a less healthy food, take time to savour it, enjoy it, notice it! Is it crunchy or creamy? Is it hot or cold? Is it sweet or salty? Don’t eat it so fast that you forget to notice these things. Relating back to my ice cream example, on then nights I have ice cream, I savouring every bite! I eat it in a way that I am not going to finish the bowl andwonde where it went or with I had chose something else.

If if you can adopt these perspectives/techniques, you may just find that your relationship with food becomes a much more positive one.

Until next time….stay healthy!

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