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Ten Kid-Friendly Meatless Monday Meal Ideas

I love to make as many meatless meals as possible in our home, but I find it tough sometimes to find things my kids will enjoy. My personal favourite is a hearty veggie and bean soup or salad with nuts and seeds and hard boiled egg, but the boys tend to turn their noses up at these choices. So, I have salads and veggie soups for lunch most days and serve more kid-approved meatless options for supper. If meatless meals are new to you, you could start to try “Meatless Mondays” in your home. Here are a few options that my kids enjoy that yours may as well.

  1. Bean, peppers, and cheese quesadillas: Ingredients are simple: whole grain wrap with finely diced peppers and black beans covered in cheese (I use cheddar cheese for my husband and my youngest and Daiya diary free cheese for myself and the twins). I add diced tomatoes to the side and mash avocado on the side for a dip. My husband and I like to add salsa as well.
  2. Peanut butter quesadillas: whole grain wrap with natural peanut (or almond) butter and shelled hemp hearts. You can add banana or apple or raisins inside or any fruit or dried fruit on the side.
  3. Cucumber pita: Whole grain pita (or OneBun) with hummus and cucumber slices.
  4. Eggs…this can be as an egg and veggie scramble, crust-less quiche, hard boiled, scrambled, or however you and your children like your eggs done. Serve with lots of veggies and whole grain crackers, toast, wrap, or English muffin. Full of nutrients, quick to make, and economical.
  5.  “Nachos”: Triscuit triangles and shredded cheese under the broiler for a few minutes topped with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocado.
  6. Snack plate: Whole grain pita, baby carrots, sliced cucumber, hummus or cottage cheese for dip, almonds, dried chickpeas, and apple slices.
  7. Meatless Sloppy Joe’s: Veggie ground round cooked up with a bit of tomato paste or BBQ sauce spread onto a bun and then cut into quarters with cut up veggies and hummus on the side.
  8. “Fish Pot Pie”: Any white fish (I like to use sole or haddock), dipped into egg white and bread crumbs then baked until fish is flaky. My kids LOVE this meal and ask for it all the time. They like to dip the fish in salad dressing which isn’t ideal but I choose my battles. I like to serve the fish with sweet potato chips and steamed broccoli or snap peas for a nice colourful plate.
  9. Mac and Cheese…this can be traditional or dairy free and/or gluten free.
  10. Manicotti: This is not one that I make. I buy the fresh manicotti from Costco and bake it for 35 minutes at 350. Hands down a perfect meal for a day you do not have time to prep. I like to serve it with peas and corn and diced avocado to keep it a really easy meal.

Hope this gives you some fun inspiration for your venture into Meatless Monday’s.

Until next time….stay healthy!


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