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The Nap Time Grind

Naptime…as a mom this is a time that I have found to be exciting, calming, and overwhelming all at once. I like that there is a time etched out in the day for Rhett to sleep and the twins to be awake with me, but I have found that this summer I had to determine how to spend this time. So many things to do!!!

Do I play with the twins alone the whole time and leave everything else for nighttime hours?

Do I fold and put away laundry?

Do I clean the kitchen and bathrooms?

Do I squeeze a workout in?

Do I catch up on calls/emails/blog work?

Do I sit with a healthy snack and cup of tea and read?

Should we all be sleeping?

The list for me goes on and one….can anyone relate?!

I decided heading into the summer that none of these are wrong, but none would work for everyday. So, I decided to come up with a plan to create purpose and balance. Each week I evaluate which days will be designated for what.I am fortunate to have my husband home for the summer and therefore some  days I can have the time to myself at home or outside; however, even if you are home every day with your kids, this strategy can still work for you. And if all your children sleep at the same time it will make it even easier. So much about creating a healthy lifestyle with purpose, balance, and moderation is about planning ahead. Here is the plan I have been using.

Everyday I make myself a healthy snack and a cup of tea or water at the start of nap that I can enjoy anytime over the coming few hours. Ideas include berries, sliced apple, yogurt, a few almonds or seeds, sliced veggies with hummus, etc. I make the kids post-rest snack at the same time so it is ready. If it is a day that I am going out somewhere with the older kids, then I package it up ahead of time. If it is a workout day for me, I pour my cup of chocolate milk or make a smoothie ahead of time too. Then I head into my choice for the day….

Two days per week I make sure to get a workout in…this is often with my twins as they like to do it with me, but sometimes I get out for a run on my own while the twins stay with daddy. If I am home for my workout, I like to use fitness blender.

Two days per week I work on laundry/emails/blog/photobooks/etc. for an hour while the twins read or play quietly, and then we spend time reading or playing a game together.

Two days per week I focus on being “in the moment” with my older kids the whole time that Rhett is sleeping. Sometimes that is at home and sometimes out at a park or the library, depending on if my husband is home with Rhett.

And one day per week (usually Sundays) I curl up with a book or have a nap and have the twins do the same. I want them to learn the value of “down time” and turning everything off for a bit, even if it isn’t true sleep.

I hope that this inspires to you plan ahead for the valuable 90 minutes to 3 hours that is “nap time” in your home.

Until next time…stay healthy!

1 thought on “The Nap Time Grind

  1. I am keeping this book marked!! Every time nap time rolls around, or even awake time I wonder how to best use my time. It’s a great idea to spread out and designate a few days each week for an activity. I might try splitting each day into activities so we get in reading time, music, alone time, outdoor time, etc. Gotta love routines!

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