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The Perfect Learning Tower for my Little Partners

Growing up I always loved helping my mom in the kitchen. I have memories of cracking eggs, stirring muffin batter, and placing cookie dough balls on the baking sheet. One of my fondest memories relates to Christmas time. Every Christmas Eve Day I remember getting up very early to make cinnamon buns from scratch. We would make the dough and wait for it to rise. My favorite part was to punch it down after it rose! Then we rolled it out and created decadent breakfast buns which we delivered to our neighbors on Christmas morning. To be honest I don’t know if I’ll ever master all of my moms baking skills, but I know the memories we created matter more than any of the actual food.

When my boys were born I wondered if I would be able to pass any of these experiences and traditions on. Would they have interest? Could I do it safely with more than one child in the kitchen? Well the answer is that they have been VERY keen and interested but the safety factor has been an on-going concern for me. I wasn’t comfortable with them sitting on the counter or a high, open stool so we often baked on the floor. This was not perfectly sanitary, usually lead to a huge mess, and totally full of chaos all the time. I longed for a way to make baking a little more peaceful and manageable and also more of the “learning experience” I had growing up.

That is why when I found out about the Little Partners Learning Tower I nearly cried with joy. The Little Partners Learning Tower is a very sturdy structure that has several height options allowing for kids of all ages to come right up to the counter level. It is large enough for more than one young child at once which has been very useful for me as well. This would be the PERFECT way to have my kids in the kitchen. I could embrace them participating in daily cooking and baking activities and incorporate homeschooling at the same time!


We have had ours for about a month and it has become part of our everyday routine. Rhett and I work on counting, letter sounds, shapes, and textures while creating recipes. He loves to experiment with ingredients and see how they will taste together. We have had some successful ventures and some flops, but no matter how the baked good tastes, he has always learned something new.

The twins have been really excited to help with supper. After being at school all day they have often asked if they can help prep dinner when they get off the bus. I have taught them more about measuring and following a recipe. I feel confident letting them to cut up vegetables or help make a salad.

Young children long for autonomy, independence, and to contribute to valued work. The Little Partners Learning Tower allows for all three to be met with the bonus of fun and time together. I truly cannot imagine our kitchen without it.


In Canada, the Little Partners Learning Tower can be found at Babies R Us,, and As always, please let me know any questions you may have.

Until next time…stay healthy!

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