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Meet Heather from @heather_kidskitchen

What inspired/prompted you to start @heather_kidskitchen?

As a cooking instructor, I have been working with kids in kitchens for years, but it wasn’t until having my own children that I realized how important (and difficult!) it is to feed our children healthy meals everyday. As my boys grew, I started developing recipes that they enjoyed and finding ways to have them help me in the kitchen. Friends were asking for tips on how to get their own kids cooking with them, so I thought it would be fun to document what my boys and I cooked and ate through an IG page.

What is something you have learned from another #foodiemom and applied to your own cooking/meal strategy/etc.?

I’ve learned so much from other moms on IG! Mostly I’ve learned to really take charge of what food we eat daily–to read food labels, that if you don’t want your family to not eat a certain food, don’t buy it, and that vegetables should be made a regular part of every meal. Also, that we all eat differently and parent differently, and that is not only okay but beautiful.

What is a food or nutrition related goal that you have for 2018 for yourself or your family?

I don’t really have a specific goal…but I’d like to plan lunches and dinners ahead more so that I am more calm trying to get out the door in the morning. However, I’m a chronic procrastinator so that goal is not going so well.

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