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Meet Jen from @drjencohen

What inspired/prompted you to start @drjencohen?

I have worked with families, specifically families with kids of fussy eaters in the one-on-one setting for a long. I found that I never had enough time in the sessions to really help a family and I really wanted to do more. By starting my blog and instagram feed I found this was the best way to really help families out their who are struggling to know how to help their fussy eaters as well as the best foods to give their kids. I have also designed courses that families can do online to help their fussy eaters to want to try new foods. I had not planned on being on instagram but went on there one day and I was amazed at the community of other mum’s I found being part of instragram. I now get to help families and have friends all over the world.

What is something you have learned from another #foodiemom and applied to your own cooking/meal strategy/etc.?
love to cook but recipe development is not something that is a strength of mine. I have found so many new recipes and meal ideas to feed my family and kids. I am all about making veggies fun for kids and I love the amount of veggie recipes I have found from other #foodiemoms. I especially love how other mums are adding veggies to breakfast and other snacks. Before instagram I had never thought about adding cauliflower to smoothies or zucchini and carrot to oats!

What is a food or nutrition related goal that you have for 2018 for yourself or your family?

I love this question. My goal is to continue to expose my kid’s to different foods and different flavours. I want to keep using different spices, herbs, flavours and textures and make different cusines so that my kid’s really learn to appreciate all types of food when they are older. My personal goal for 2018 is to get my fitness back!

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