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Meet Megan from @mamamakesfood

What inspired/prompted you to start @mamamakesfood?
My passion for healthy eating and cooking took a new turn when our son became old enough to start eating solid foods. I’ve always enjoyed preparing food, but making it for our son was (and still is) so much fun. I decided to document our feeding journey and hopefully share some inspiration with other parents by starting my blog and Instagram feed. My son is nearly three now and it still brings me joy to prepare colorful and nutritious meals for all of us and continue to share pictures on Instagram. Not only is it truly satisfying to know I provide a little bit of healthy-feeding-inspo out there, but I’ve also forged friendships with countless like-minded foodie moms across the world.

What is something you have learned from another #foodiemom and applied to your own cooking/meal strategy/etc.?
My favorite foodie mom hack is definitely adding vegetables in unconventional places: spinach in muffins, cauliflower in smoothies, zucchini in pancakes, and so on. I’ve taken this technique and ran with it for a while now, developing my own recipes along the way. Getting my son in the kitchen to make these foods with me makes creating these veggie-loaded goodies even more special because he knows exactly what he’s eating.

What is a food or nutrition related goal that you have for 2018 for yourself or your family?
I want to meal plan more regularly. It’s so easy with our busy lifestyle to not take the time to plan our meals for the week, but when I do take the time, we eat better and cooking is more fun and less stressful (as it should be!). I also want to focus on offering more vegetables at snack time – especially raw veggies. My son doesn’t eat raw vegetables very well presently and I want to work on that this year. Finally, another goal I’m aiming for is to reduce the amount of dairy and processed grain products (breads, pastas, etc) my family eats. These products can be an easy choice when we are especially time-crunched, but they do not leave our bodies feeling nourished afterwards.

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