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Meet Vivian from @dr.vivian

What inspired/prompted you to start @dr.vivian?

I started my blog initially to share knowledge I had about Food allergies, our health journey, and how I healed my daughter of her four food allergies. Over time, I broadened to sharing general health tips and plant-based recipes because I also ‘treated’ my husband’s hypertension and my own fatigue/brain fog successfully with lifestyle changes. As a doctor who was frustrated with the limitations of western medicine at treating chronic diseases, I wanted to share my passion for lifestyle medicine and spread the knowledge. I fully believe ‘Food is medicine’ and that wellness begins with what we put in our mouths. I wanted to show my followers what we ate and that healthier choices can still be tasty.

What is something you have learned from another #foodiemom and applied to your own cooking/meal strategy/etc.?

I have learnt so much from ALL the fabulous foodiemoms I’ve met on IG, I’m extremely grateful for the community who have supported and taught me so much. Your(motherhoodandmeals) #happytoddlertuesday videos are so educational and I love them – even though my kids are not toddlers anymore I still have implemented many tips from your videos.

What is a food or nutrition related goal that you have for 2018 for yourself or your family?

A food goal for 2018 for us is to introduce more spices into my kids meals. Spices are so nutritious but my kids can’t eat very spicy or strongly flavored foods e.g cayenne and raw garlic. I’ve always just added in the extra spices after I’ve taken out their portions but a goal for us is to gradually introduce more of these into their meals so I won’t have to.

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