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Making Holiday Meals with my LG ProBake Oven

We have thoroughly loved entertaining in our new kitchen this holiday season. And I can honestly say that our LG appliances made a significant difference in the ease of food storage, cooking, and clean up! The LG ProBake Convection® oven with Induction Cooktop was especially wonderful! If you aren’t familiar with this innovative appliance, here are my 5 favourite features:

1. The Capacity and Flexible Layout.

The LG ProBake Convection® oven has 3 racks with 7 levels to choose from to insert them. This flexibility offers ample space for a variety of baking dishes and trays to easily fit into the oven. When making holidays meals I was able to fit our full supper and dessert into the oven all at once. One of the racks has a “slide out” option which is fantastic for checking to see if a dish is done cooking without taking it completely out of the oven.

2. The Heating Element Location. 

The LG ProBake Convection oven offers a unique location for the source of heat. Instead of the traditional “bottom of the oven” location, it is at the back, with heat circulated via a fan which leads to even heating throughout the stove. This removes any concern of potatoes burning on the bottom rack or muffins left undercooked on the top rack. It also leaves meat, poultry, and fish very moist. My family has been very vocal about their appreciation for this! Over the holidays I made a few different chicken dishes with roasted vegetables and fruit crisps. Each time the chicken came out perfectly cooked and moist, while the vegetables and dessert were cooked to perfection as well. 


3. The LG Easy Clean Technology.

Cleaning an oven can be a daunting task. But that is not the case with the LG ProBake Convection oven because it has the LG EasyClean® technology. This means that on any day of the week I can spray the oven with water, turn on the Easy Clean setting for 10 minutes, and then wipe everything down. No more waiting until the weekend! This was especially wonderful when I had a house full of people, but I wanted to keep up with cleaning tasks. After our meal I sprayed the oven down and started the 10 minutes cleaning cycle. By the time I had loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and wiped down the table and counter tops it was time to wipe down the oven. Then I could sit and enjoy time with family without worrying about more cleaning the next day.   There is a deep clean setting if needed, but so far, I am finding that the Easy Clean is all I need to keep up with day-to-day use.

4. The Induction Cooktop. 

As a busy mom of three young boys it was very important to me to have a cooktop that offered quick and even heating and safety features. I love to have the boys in the kitchen and I want to set them up for success. Well the LG Induction Cooktop definitely delivered! This incredible appliance offers a Hi/Boost setting that brings water to a boil within minutes and it cooks eggs, french toast, and grilled cheese to perfection! In terms of safety it is fantastic. Not only does the stove turn off automatically if a pan is not detected, but it also does not get very hot on the surface. This is because the cooking technology comes from electromagnetic energy that is transferred from an induction coil to the iron-like metal of a pot. The actual surface is warm, but not hot.


5. The “Keep Warm” Options.

The LG ProBake Convection oven has a “keep warm” setting within the oven and on the induction cooktop, in addition to a warming drawer. When entertaining over the holidays I used all three! The warming drawer was prefect for warming multigrain rolls. The “Keep Warm” setting in the oven kept the food warm for anyone who wanted seconds. And it did so without drying anything out!  The warming zone on the cook top kept the gravy warm during our turkey dinner and the kettle warm for anyone who wanted a second cup of tea after opening gifts. 

As with all LG appliances, the attention to details, small and large, is evident. It is very evident to me that the LG ProBake Convection oven was designed with a goal of providing effectiveness and efficiency for busy families. And that goal has 100% been met!

You can find more information on this, and other, LG appliances here.

Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by LG Electronics Canada. All opinions are my own.

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