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Healthy mind, Healthy mama

I don’t know about you but meals at our house are bizarre! With three children 3 and under it is very noisy throughout the meal and I am generally up and down about 50 times doing something for someone…a dropped fork, more water, feeding the dog, more food for the children, etc. I absolutely love our family meal time together and I wouldn’t have it any other way! But when the weekend comes I am ready for a date night! Date nights aren’t always easy to organize or easily affordable so my husband and I have started doing “date nights in”! I love them just as much as “date night out”. On these nights we can sit and eat and talk. Really talk. I can hear a full sentence from him without one of my children interrupting. We like to give our children a family meal time experience though so we sit with them while they eat supper and have a snack so that we are still eating something as a family. Then once the children are in bed we can enjoy a meal together. For “date night in” we can enjoy all the quality time we would get by going to a restaurant without the cost of a babysitter or a high-calorie, high-cost restaurant meal. I absolutely love to cook so once the kids are in bed we pour a glass of wine or iced tea, make a healthy meal, and sit together to nourish our bodies and our relationship at the same time. image So next time you have had a long week and you feel distant from your husband, try “date night in” and nourish your body, your mind, and your relationship. Cheers!

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