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The Innovative and Amazing MIFOLD Booster Seat

This post was made possible by a collaboration with MIFOLD. The thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% mine.

This past summer my husband and I were chatting about how hard it is to travel with large car seats and how expensive rental cars are. We wished there was a way to take an uber or a taxi when we arrive on holidays but it seemed unrealistic to take car seats in and out all the time. We wondered if there was a more portable booster seat for our twins to at least to cut down on all we need to carry. We started researching and came across the mifold. This genius invention would meet our desires perfectly. The only issue that we could see was that it was certified for the USA and we live in Canada. With a few more minutes of research, we found that the mifold had recently been approved for use in Canada too. This meant that it would work for travel as well as everyday life at home. So now that I have explained how we became interested in the mifold, let me explain what exactly it is.

The mifold is a booster seat that allows for your child to be securely buckled into the car without the traditional bulkiness that a traditional booster seat brings. The mifold is a booster seat that weighs 1.6 pounds (yes, you read that correctly…the same weight as a small water bottle) and is about the size of large book (folds up to 10” by 5”). It easily fits in a backpack or large purse and can conveniently be transported from vehicle to vehicle.


How does something so light and small and transportable keep your child safe? It’s quite simple actually. The mifold securely holds the seatbelt down to the child’s level. It rests on the bones of the hips, off the delicate stomach area, and on the shoulder, off the face and neck. This varies from traditional booster seats which raises the child up to be in a position of an adult.


We have had our mifolds for about a month now and even though we have not gone on holidays with them yet we have used them several times for “everyday life” activities.
Here are three things that love about the mifold so far:

1) Easy to move/creates more space. In our van the bucket seats can now be used for the twins or adult passengers without the fuss of lugging heavy car seats in and out. In our car, we no longer need to jam the back seat with three car seats. We can fit the mifolds on either side of one car seat leaving more breathing room. Also, we can use those outer two seats for other things very easily between times that the children are in the vehicle. Once our youngest meets booster seat requirements then we will be able to have all three in mifolds across the back seat. The MIFOLD is designed for children 4 and over and is for the weight category of 40 to 100 pounds and height range of 40” to 57”.

2) Easy to transport. If we need someone to pick the twins up from school, we send the mifolds in their backpack. They easily fit and are light weight so are realistic to add to the twins load. We no longer need to add a car seat to anyone else’s car. Installation of the mifold can be done by the alternate caretaker and only takes 1-2 minutes unlike a car seat which can take 5-10 minutes (or more if it’s me installing!).


3) Easy to clean. We like to give our children snacks on the go to ensure that they are well fed when arriving at various activities. Crackers, raisins, and other crumbly or gooey snacks have been banned from car seats in our home because of the awful mess they create. With car rides with the mifolds, we are back to offering these types of snacks. The mifold does not have little pockets that food can get caught in and are easy to wipe down with a little mild soap and water if needed.
Whether you have travel plans or just day to day booster seat needs, I would definitely recommend checking out the mifold for your child.
In Canada the Mifold is available for purchase at Canadian Tire ( and on the Mifold Canada website ( For addition information about the Mifold, please see the Mifold Canada website ( or the Mifold Canada Facebook Page: (


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