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The Baby Brezza Food Maker Complete

My kids LOVE applesauce. Perhaps you can relate. I prefer to give them homemade to reduce additives, allow for extra fruits and veggies, and also to throw in a little phytochemical rich spice or two. However, the work and time involved in that has prevented me from making it at times.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of using the Baby Brezza Food Maker Complete which completely solved my dilemma! I am able to throw any fruit in with fresh or leftover veggies from supper along with a little cinnamon or turmeric or both. Within 5-10 minutes I have a wonderful fruit purée to serve as a snack or dessert or send in the twins lunch! I love that it is in quantities that we can enjoy between one to two occasions allowing for variety throughout the week.

If you have been following me for a while you may have noticed that many of my muffin recipes call for applesauce or fruit purée. This is because adding fruit to a recipe can cut down on the oil you add while increasing the fiber and antioxidant content. I have enjoyed using the Baby Brezza Food Maker Complete as part of making these muffins as it allows for a variety of fresh fruit muffin purees too. And if we make a larger quantity then we need for the muffin recipe, it makes for a great snack or we freeze it in ice cube trays and add it to a smoothie!


We have also started making our own berry “jam” for toast topping. I most recently used some in my Chia Blackberry Pinwheels for Christmas.


And it also works super well for small quantities of pasta sauce. I can use tomatoes, spinach, and peppers and end up with a veggie packed sauce my kids LOVE!


So, you may be wondering how the Baby Brezza Food Maker Complete is unique from any other small blender out there. One thing that is very unique about the Baby Brezza Food Maker Complete is that it steams and then purées with the push of one button! In the past I have always had to roast or steam food first, but this innovative appliance does it all for me. So even if you don’t have a baby in the house anymore, don’t be fooled by the name…the Baby Brezza is for kids of all ages…mommies and daddies too!

I thought I would share a few of the combinations we have been loving most, but any combo will do  also you can add turmeric, cinnamon, and/or hemp hearts to any of these for a little boost of nutrition.




Banana/Sweet Potato/Cauliflower

Watermelon/Cucumber (I only purée this one)

And the list goes on and on…

If you are interested in finding a Baby Brezza, you can visit any of the following:

Baby R Us (in store and online) (online only)

West Coast Kids (in store and online)

Until next time…stay healthy!





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