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On-the-go with Love Child Organics

As a mom of three boys I never leave home without food. We spend our summer days outside biking, swimming, and playing at parks, beaches, and splash pads. My kids are truly ALWAYS hungry. I like to take nutrient dense foods along that are also easy to grab and go. The Love Child Organics products have really come in handy for us this summer. The purees make for an easy and thirst quenching snack to have along on a bike ride or visit to the beach and also add a nutrition packed edition to any picnic meal. And thanks to Love Child’s new partnership with TerraCycle Canada, the pouches are recyclable, which supports our family’s constant mission to reduce waste.

And when I want to take something a little heartier and need to be ready to go in minutes, this is one of my most common choices: I make a non-traditional sandwich out of a breakfast pita or whole grain waffle with a nut or seed butter, pop it into a reusable snack bag along with a Love Child fruit/veggie puree and a lil’ shake on the side. In no time at all I have all 4 food groups represented, a nice balance of macronutrients, and a strong presence of vitamins and minerals. And while we care about all of that as moms, our kids just care about the fun memories we are creating on a picnic in the park!


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