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Happy Birthday Rhett!

It is surreal to think that it has been 4 years since this sweet boy made a quick and perfect entrance into the world only 1.5 hours after we arrived at the hospital. It truly feels like just yesterday and yet here we are…4 years later.

We had such a fun time celebrating these past few days so I and I decided to put a little post together as a bit of a memory book. We kicked off our celebrations with a little surprise outdoor dinner and play time with the boy’s Mimi and Papa last week at a place called “Sunset Point” in Collingwood Ontario. We biked there from the cottage we were staying at and enjoyed fish sandwiches, french fries, and Superman themed cupcakes. It was so special to eat by the water.

Then the celebrations continued yesterday. We were planning to go to the beach but with a storm in the forecast and a full two weeks of beach vacation behind us, we decided to enjoy our day in the city. We started the day with pancakes, yogurt, and berries with a green smoothie…Rhett’s favourite breakfast. He was SO excited to have breakfast using his new set from KiddoBloom.


After breakfast we gave Rhett a bubble lawn mower and all three boys enjoyed playing with it and then riding bikes before the storm hit.

We enjoyed some fun indoor play time while it rained and then as the clouds parted we headed to Havens Creamery to enjoy birthday cake ice cream at Os and Oakes 2nd birthday party. How convenient that they were celebrating on Rhett’s birthday!!!

From there we went to BoomBox Bakery to pick up a dairy free cupcake for Clay and then Rhett’s Lightning McQueen cake for his party.


Rhett is very social but does not like big gatherings and just wanted a few people to come for burgers and cake. So that is exactly what we did!


Before bed Rhett asked for a cup of tea so I made up a pot of David’s Tea birthday cake tea and with that in his tummy, he was ready for bed. It wasn’t a day of huge plans or parties, but rather one of simple celebration and memories made….just as my little man wanted.

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