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The Ultimate Laundry Room Event with LG Canada

As a mom of three young boys I do A LOT of laundry so you can imagine my excitement when I was invited by LG Canada to learn more about the LG TWINWash System and LG Styler! Upon arrival we were greeted by the LG team and enjoyed a few delicious treats while browsing the gorgeous appliances. Then the education began, and I was truly blown away by the way LG has thought of every detail in designing the ultimate laundry room appliances. In fact, a trusted American magazine tested and rated laundry appliances and LG came out a champion! They have 7 of the top 10 front load washers, 8 of the top 10 top load washers, and 9 out of the top 10 of electric driers on the market today! WOW! To learn more about these ratings, head to and you can download them from many of the laundry product pages.

The LG TWINWash System with 7.1 cubic feet capacity is in fact the top-rated front load washer and from what I learned at the event, I can understand why! The LG TWINWash System is unique in that it offers two washing machines in one. And in keeping with LG’s desire to create efficiency in all home appliances, the LG TWINWash System offers an efficient use of both time and water. You can do two loads at once OR you can just put a small load into the LG SideKick which has a 1.1 cubic foot capacity as opposed to the 5.2 cubic foot or 6.0 cubic foot capacity of the front load washers.

In addition to the LG TWINWash System, we learned about the new LG TurboWash Washer. This is a front load washer that offers the TurboWash technology which has two parts. One is an extra spraying capacity within the drum that mixes the soap and water at the start of the wash and the other is an additional rinsing power at the end of the wash. In combination, this feature saves an overall 30 minutes on the time of the load. That is a feature that really piqued my interest!


There are a variety of settings on each washer allowing for ideal water temperature, spin speed, and length of wash time for everything from heavy duty cleaning cycles to delicate/hand wash and everything in between. And to add to the level of convenience, all of these appliances can be controlled to start, pause, or report on the amount of time left for the laundry to finish using Google Home, Alexa Voice Service, or the LG Smart Thinq App.

In addition to an informative time with the LG team, it was a pleasure to hear from Coco Rocha, a mom and model, about her experience with the LG TWINWash System and LG Styler. Coco told us that she is easily able to wash her King Duvet in the front load portion of the LG TWINWash System while laundering her baby’s onesies in the LG SideKick. She also said she loves how fast she can clean her little girl’s ballet outfit in the LG SideKick and not worry that she is using large amounts of water for one small load. Examples that all of the moms at the event could relate to!


Coco also said that she loves to use the LG Styler in her daily routine. She can dry items that have wool in them with confidence they won’t shrink, steam clothes for a shoot, de-odorize the underarms of a favourite blazer, or sanitize a pair of jeans that she doesn’t want to wash too often with this incredible appliance. If you haven’t heard of the LG Styler, it is an appliance that uses water from a built-in tank to steam, sanitize, and de-odourize clothes. Among the many benefits of using the LG Styler is the reduction in dry cleaning, thus allowing for our clothes and skin to reduce the harsh chemical exposure that dry cleaning can bring.

At the end of the day we had the opportunity to view the appliances, have fun in the photobooth, and test out the voice activation mode with Google Home and Alexa Voice Service. As always, I was incredibly impressed with the quality, functions, and sleek look that the LG appliances possess. I definitely want to include these in our laundry room updates this winter and will be sure to share along the way! 

This post is sponsored by LG Canada. All content was created by me. 


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