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The American Standard Measure Fill Faucet

We recently had a Measure Fill Faucet from American Standard installed in our home and I have been loving it! As a recipe developer I love how it offers exact measurements. As a mom I love that it offers increased autonomy for my kids in our morning and evening routines. And from a food safety perspective I love that it offers an optimal hand washing opportunity.

The Mom View: The faucet was installed a few weeks ago while my kids were at school. When they got home that day I told them that the tap was set to fill their cups with water to go with afternoon snack….all they had to do was press the button. They were in complete awe as one by one they held their cups under the faucet, pressed the button, and the water stopped just before the top of the cup. That evening they tried again before bed and I was so excited to let them have the independence of getting their own drink without worrying their pyjamas would be soaked from reaching to turn the tap off….something that has happened more than I would like to admit.

When I am making lunches in the morning I can change the setting to 1.5 cups and have them fill their bottles for school as well. I love that I can adjust it to the size of cup they are holding.

The Recipe Developer View: Many recipes call for water and it can be painstaking measuring the exact amount. The Measure Fill offers precise water measurements from 1/2 cup (4 oz./125 mL) to 8 cups (64 oz./2L). So far I have used it for “hands-free moments” while making pasta and oatmeal (aka increased time efficiency) but I look forward to using it in many more recipes in the new year.


The Food Safety View: Another thing I love about the Measure Fill is the increased sanitation it offers when working with raw meat, fish, or poultry. The week-end after it was installed we hosted Christmas dinner. Prior to preparing the turkey I set the dial so that when I was done I could wash my hands thoroughly without touching the tap. I was able to tap the button with the back of my hand to get my hands wet, then scrub with soap, and tap it again to rinse well without spreading any contamination of the raw poultry or wasting water while scrubbing.


Overall I am incredibly impressed and excited about this new addition to our kitchen! Stay tuned for recipes in the new year that showcase it’s capabilities as well.

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