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Living Life in Style with Our LG Styler

When I first ordered the LG Styler, I thought that I would use it every once in a while for things that needed refreshing or in place of ironing. What I didn’t realize is that I would end up using it almost every single day! It has become a frequently used appliance in our home, and the best part is that it only uses water and TrueSteam® technology to refresh clothes and other household items! No harsh chemicals or detergents are required.

The Top 3 Ways I Use my LG Styler

To Reduce Laundry, Dry Cleaning, and Ironing Needs

Every Sunday I pick out the clothes that I will wear for my teaching and clinic days and freshen them up in the LG Styler. This removes any wrinkles or unwanted smells without the time that a load of laundry and/or ironing would take. I also pop certain pieces of clothing back into the LG Styler for a light refresh at the end of the day. By doing this instead of dry cleaning, I am prolonging the life of my clothes and reducing exposure to harsh chemicals.

To Survive the Scent of Hockey Life and Outdoor Activities

As a hockey mom I can attest that there is a special odour that comes home with equipment. And while my boys are very good at hanging their gear up to air out, more is needed to truly get that “special” scent out. The LG Styler is the answer! I pop their jerseys, hockey socks, and a few other pieces of equipment into the Styler at least once per week to keep our house from smelling like an arena.

You know that damp musty smell that comes with a great outdoor workout or getting caught in the rain? Well the LG Styler has lifted that from my clothes and shoes on several occasions!

To Combat Dust, Allergens, and Germs

When we moved back into our home after the renovation this summer everything was covered in dust! And then the boys went back to school and everything was covered in germs. The piles of laundry felt overwhelming. And then I realized, I didn’t need to wash everything all the time – I could use the LG Styler! It is certified by Asthma Canada to remove over 99% of allergens, dust mites, and germs from fabrics with its Sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam® technology. This powerful yet gentle technology will extend the life of the boy’s clothes, outerwear, and blankets while supporting their health at the same time.

Want to check out the LG Styler for yourself – visit and you can find it at  Costco Canada. The best part, Costco offers a free second year warranty and free shipping!

What would be your favourite way to use this innovative appliance???

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