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7 Ways to Keep Moving during Social Distancing

What is your favourite way to stay active? Usually I like to stick to a set routine. But right now I am all about switching it up each day because it offers variety when most other aspects of the day are very similar! If you are looking for ideas to add to your mix of activity, this post is for you! I am going to share some of my favourites in three categories: Online, Outside, and Anytime. I have also included a few links for kid-focussed workouts at the end.


  1. ANDFit online. Andrea offers incredible classes and personal training in her studio and online. What I love about ANDFit online is that there are LIVE and recorded workouts to choose from with a variety of focus areas. They also vary in length. Andrea and her team are knowledgeable, motivating, and show variations for some of the more intense activities. You can get one week FREE if you want to try it out as then it is only $12.99 a month after that. This is incredible value!     
  2. Barre3 online. Barre3 is a unique way to increase your physical and mental endurance as it combines strength, cardio, balance, and mindful breathing into each workout. There are 10, 30, 40, and 60 minute activities with a variety of instructors. You can try it out for 15 days FREE of charge and then it is $29 per month after that.
  3. Fitness BlenderIf you are not in a position to pay for online workouts at this time, Fitness Blender is a great free resource with a variety of activities from interval training to yoga and everything in between.


  1. Backyard or “open space” fitness course. This is my favourite to do with my kids. We set up 2 or more spots to sprint between in the back yard or on the sidewalk and then at each spot there is an activity to do such as jumping jacks, squats, a plank, push ups, skipping, bouncing a ball, etc. B219621B-4D29-449C-BD44-1391B4A13EC0
  2. Running/Walking. Yep! Good old fashioned just getting outside! Whether on your own or with your kiddos in a stroller or on their bikes, this is a great option for movement and fresh air. If you have an area to hike near by your home, pack a picnic and make a day of it!
  3. Biking. Family bike rides are so much fun and offer amazing movement. If you have young children that aren’t up for a long ride you can pull them in a trailer to add a little extra challenge for yourself or have them go on their bikes and you run beside them.


If setting aside 30-60 minutes feels challenging, try adding mini activities throughout your day! Some of my favourite inspirations for 10 minute activity spurts are on the following instagram accounts: @adelefitmomof4, @london_pilates_by_design, @thebellemethod, @getmomstrong, and @drkellyfitmomof4.

Also, if you want to find a fun activity for your kids to do,  here are a few of our faves: Cosmic Kids Yoga (available on YouTube or as an app), Go Noodle (available as an app), and PE with Joe! 

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