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Sunday Brunch

Our family loves “Sunday Brunch” after church. A few times each year we go out for it, but with three small children it is much easier to head home and make something together.

A few of our favourites are pancakes, waffles, banana and pb pizza, and personal crust-less quiches. Of course always paired with lots of fresh fruit and yogurt.

Today we made something that we hadn’t made it a long time…Monte Cristos!!! I just had to share the recipe…which is not completely traditional as it is a little healthier, but super delish!!! Hope you like it too!


The following makes 4 Monte Cristo sandwiches.


8 pieces of whole wheat or whole grain bread

4 Omega 3 eggs

1/3 cup milk of your choice (I used Coconut milk)

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

4 slices of Swiss cheese (I replaced 2 of these with shredded Daiya cheese for the twins)

4 (or 8 if you want two per sandwich) slices of nitrate free turkey



  1. Preheat electric frying pan to 300 degrees.
  2. Beat eggs, milk, and vanilla together and set aside.
  3. Get your bread, turkey, and cheese all laid out and ready to use.
  4. Dip two pieces of bread into the egg mixture and lay onto the fry pan. After a few minutes they will be golden brown on the side the is down. Flip one piece over and lay the turkey and cheese onto it. Then add the “done” side of the other bread on top of that. After a few minutes, when the “down side” of the bread is gold brown, flip the whole sandwich over to finish off the last piece of bread. Let that sit until the bottom piece of golden brown and cheese has melted.
  5. Repeat this for all sandwiches.

For a fun dip/sauce, you can mix together 1 Tbsp. maple syrup with 2 Tbsp. honey mustard and heat for 15-20 seconds.

If you are looking for portion control, you could enjoy 1/2 of a sandwich and pair it with a nice spinach or kale salad or a side of diced berries.

Here is a pic of the ones the kids plates today.


Until next time…stay healthy!

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