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Expecting/New Mom Gift Guide

Do you have a friend or family member who is expecting a baby in 2018 or perhaps they have a newborn? Here are a few gift ideas they may enjoy…

BabyBrezza: I haven’t had a chance to post a full review on this yet but I can tell you that we use ours almost every day. Although it has baby in the name it is really useful for the whoel family and would be a gift that would be used for years and years to come. We make variations of apple and pear sauce, homemade “jams”, small batches of pasta sauce, and more. This is a must have for moms of all ages, especially a new mom. 97FB9FA2-A047-4BF1-82DF-673534D94302.jpeg

Wean Green Glassware with freezer meals and snacks already made up . We all know that one of the hardest parts of being a new mom and preparing meals and snacks. And yet proper nourishment is SO important for the breast feeding mom and everyone else in the house too! Preparing some meals ahead of time and giving them in Wean Green Glassware (maybe even with a voucher for more meals down the road) would be a really unique and practical gift. Batches of muffins and energy balls packed with oats, dates, and nutritional yeast would also be great for a breastfeeding mama.


OVer. This is near and dear to my heart as the creator of he OVer is from my home town! Sabrina created this genius car seat/breastfeeding/cart cover which also looks great as a scarf for herself and then after giving some as gifts realized that there was a market for more. Over the past two years she has expanded worldwide and the OVer would be a VERY exciting gift for any mom-to-be. And even if you think they already have one, still consider this as an option because they come in various thicknesses and I can speak from experience that having more than one is quite ideal!

BabyBeMine. This Natural Coconut Bath is perfect for during pregnancy or after baby is born with the baby in the tub or just for a moment of peaceful relaxation for mom. They have the most magnificant scent options or unscented too. I have been using it for over a month now in my bath and my kids baths and I’m not a new mom and they aren’t babies but we are all totally addicted. Another amazing thing about this as a gift is that with every purchase this fall, Suzanne (creator of BabyBeMine), has given a donation to our local NICU. This is near and dear to my heart as our twins spent 7 weeks in that NICU and we will forever be so thankful for the care they received. If the NICU has a special place in your heart or if you know of a preemie mama, perhaps this would be the ideal gift for them! Or maybe you just want to treat yourself and your little one! ❤️


Gathre Mat or Bib. A Gathre May would be on any mom’s wish list in all honesty. I am setting it within this gift guide as it has amazing uses for a new mom at home and at the park and would be a gift that would be used for years to come. And although this type of bib would not be used by a newborn, we all know how fast those first 4-6 months fly by before baby is starting their first foods! If you are not familiar with Gathre Mats and Bibs you can check them out here.

Bonjour Baby Basket. If you are looking to offer an adorable selection of things that will bring a huge “awwww”, these basket cannot be beat. Susana does an incredible job of matching the cutest outfits, shoes, wooden toys, blankets, and more. The perfect option for Christmas or a baby shower anytime of the year!


Well the list could go on but those are my top five picks for new or expecting moms. If you have other ideas, please leave them in the comments below or head to my instagram page and let me know there.

Until next time…stay healthy!

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