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Makeover Monday: Preparing for a Home Renovation

It has been about a year since we fully committed to doing a home renovation during the summer/fall seasons of 2020. I felt overwhelmed with all that would need to be done in preparation and the decisions we would need to make. Looking back I am so glad that I took time to get organized before, during, and after our renovation. If you are considering a kitchen or full home renovation, here are my top 5 tips for preparing!


  1. Create a “Home Renovation Journal”. Separate it into 3 section:” Things I Want to Change”; “Things I Want to Add”; “Decisions to Make”. In “Things I Want to Change” document anything that bothers you about your home structurally, aesthetically, layout, lighting, etc. You may not be able to conquer all aspects, but this is a brainstorming phase, so just write it all down. Then in the “Things I Want to Add” section, write all your dreams and wishes….again this does not have to be 100% realistic. Let your imagination soar for a bit. Take this journal with you when you meet with potential contractors and designers. See what ideas they might have to meet you dreams and wishes. You might be pleasantly surprised with what can be done! Then once you have an idea of what can be done within your budget, you can choose your top priority items and move forward. Then the third section “Decisions to Make” is for along the way. You will be amazed at the number of choices you will make beyond the initial ones. This section of the journal is a great place to keep notes and contact information about your choices.
  2. Decide what you will need during the renovation. keep clothing out that you need for the current season and any travel you might be doing. Pack your current clothes in suitcases if closet space is minimal. Then, think about how you will:
    • cook meals if you kitchen is being renovated
      • we used our slow cooker, toaster oven, plug in cooler, and BBQ a lot!
    • how you will wash clothes if your laundry room is being renovated
      • try asking a neighbour, friend, or family member if you can come once per week and then buy them a gift card at the end;
    • where you will sleep if you bedrooms are being renovated
      • try making a fun “family camping” theme. We used a pull out couch, a sleeping bags, and a Regalo cot.
  3. Set time aside to pack your other things. Getting ready for a renovation is sort of like getting ready for a move…but more intense! When you pack for a move you are packing for a few days (or sometimes weeks). With a renovation you are packing up for several weeks and sometimes months. In our case, we packed up our entire main floor (kitchen, family room, three bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms) for 10 weeks. This was because we had all flooring replaced on the main floor, in addition to a full kitchen renovation. When packing your things, label them well and in categories so that you can access them easily if needed. For example, I had all of our boy’s long sleeve shirts and pants in boxes that were accessible so that when the weather got cooler I could pack up their shorts and unpack their long-sleeve shirts and pants.
  4. Order a storage bin. If you are moving out of a large part of your home, the rent a locked storage bin for a few dollars a day. it is a wonderful way to reduce the clutter during renovations and reduce the risk of damage to your belongings.
  5. Take advantage of the time to get more organized. A renovation is a perfect time to sort, donate, and discard so that you come into your new space with a lighter load. When moving back into your new space start adding things from boxes as you need them. Whatever you haven’t unpacked in 12 months can be donated or discarded in addition to the items you already let go of.


Renovations can be equally exciting and stressful. I hope that these tips help to increase the fun and reduce the stress when you decide its time to create your dream home inside your current walls. As always, let me know any questions you have!

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