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Clean Snacks for Dirty Hands

This summer will look different for us mamas! While physical distancing rules are relaxing a bit, we are nowhere near what we have come to know as “normal”. The days of kids piling onto slides, taking turns on the climbers, and joining with other families to build sandcastles at the beach are not in the cards for many of us this summer. That doesn’t mean it won’t be filled with long days and hungry kids though! Which is why I will be giving you lots of snacking ideas all summer long! Many will be fun recipes that you include your kids in preparing, but I wanted to start with a few ideas that are easy to transport and relatively hands-free for any time you do need to leave the house, kids and snacks in tow!

First of all, don’t forget water and hand sanitizer with you in a pocket, purse, or bag. Proper hydration is super important and easy to overlook with the chaos of getting out the door. Wipes and hand sanitizer are key for clean hands as a good line of defence against the dirt and germs that come with summer fun (and, unfortunately COVID-19).

I also like to bring no-touch snacks along with me to offer at snack time. My favourite healthy, energy-boosting choices are:

Fruit pouches. Fruit is a great source of energy for kids, but can get mushy by the time we are ready for a stop on bike rides and soccer field visits. Fruit pouches are a great option for convenience — and for dirty hands! There are ready-made options like Once Upon a Farm, Love Child Organics, and GoGoSqueeze. You can also make your own to put in a reusable pouch, which I love for the cost and environmental benefits. Some great options are Squooshi or ChooMe.

Yogurt drinks. While these can be packed with added sugar, there are options that aren’t. My top favourite yogurt drinks are: iogo Nano and Danino. You can also make a homemade version by blending together ½ cup Greek Yogurt, frozen fruit, and 2 cups of milk. Add this (or even just plain milk or kefir) to an insulated cup and it will stay cool and refreshing! Looking for something that is shelf stable? Try Sneakz Organic Milkshakes.

Cheese strings. Similar to the bars above, your child can use the wrapper as a protection from touching the actual cheese and still enjoy a tasty boost of protein (most have 6 grams of protein) and a source of calcium.

Granola Bars. These can be a no-touch snack by teaching your little one how you keep them in the wrapper until the end. The top 5 we use in our home are: Welo, FreeYumm, MadeGoodFoods, Simply Protein KidsBar, and KINDBar.

So with hot sunny days filled with the beautiful chaos of playing hard, being loud, and constant snack requests officially here, I hope you feel more equipped to keep your kids fuelled on-the-go! And just a reminder that at all times, you are in charge of what food is offered and when. Your little ones decide if they will eat it and how much.

Looking for more variety in snack ideas?
Check out my recipes for…

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….and stay tuned for many more recipes to come!  

Wishing you a wonderful summertime! Stay well my friends.



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